What is air freight service?

Air cargo transport is the ultimate service of other modes of transport such as by land transport, by river transport, by sea. But now, airfreight is playing the most important role in shipping, especially international shipping.

Air freight carries a share of 1% in volume but accounts for more than 20% of the value of goods in international trade. This proves that airfreight has a huge role to play in transporting goods, especially those that require high security; Perishable items, pets, letters, vouchers, time sensitive goods, emergency supplies, ... and items that require immediate delivery by the sewing machine have an absolute advantage in terms of speed of time Time compared to other means

Airfreight transport is also an important link to link modes of transportation, creating the ability to combine modes of transport such as air freight - ocean freight, freight No - car transport, ... to exploit the advantages of modes of transport.

1. The role of air freight

- It is suitable for international transportation with small weight. Air freight transport accounts for more than 60% of express delivery orders, mainly international express mail with the volume and volume of mail. small.

- Contribute to change the structure of goods and market structure in international economic development as well as domestic economy.

- Increasing opportunities to expand business to international markets, import and export business and directly affect the efficiency of import-export business of other countries.

- Create close international relations among countries, increase business cooperation opportunities.

2. Characteristics of air freight


- Air cargo transport service with high speed, express delivery time.

- Ensure high safety of goods transport, support services better than other transport means.

- Documentation and transportation procedures are simple, not as complex as other means, especially by sea.

- Air Freight applies the latest, most advanced, high technology.

- Freight charges for high air freight services.

- Not suitable for bulky goods or high volume of goods, low value goods.

- There is a great investment in facilities, techniques and human resources that require high professionalism.

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