What is an import / export service?

What is the understanding of import / export services? We need to find out what is import / export.

So import-export is what?

Import and export is the exchange of goods and services carried out by governments, organizations, individuals or entities in general between two or more different countries. - export). Such exchanges reflect the interdependence of economic relations between producers and consumers, the specialization of production or the originality of the goods and services by geographic location.

Import / Export is an international trade. Illustration

Commercial export is the sale of goods and services (tangible goods such as tangible, visible, or invisible goods such as software, copyrights, etc.) to foreign entities on a monetary basis. Values and payment instruments (money from one of the two countries or the currency of the third country - the currency of international payment).

In contrast to commercial exports are commercial imports; Is the purchase of goods and services of foreign entities and must pay for such goods or services.

Before exporting or importing goods or services; Entities must carry out customs formalities as well as procedures with other state management agencies as required.

What is an import / export service?

Import-export services are a combination of foreign trade operations such as banking, transportation, insurance, customs procedures, registration and inspection procedures with state agencies in general such as: Apply for import / export license, quarantine, spraying, publication, quality inspection, registry, application for certificates of origin (CO) ... that the service receiver stands and takes over instead. For the service provider.

Import-export service with specialization to provide the goods owner with the best service, with the professional skills to perform the procedure as quickly as possible in accordance with the International treaties as well as regulations of host countries. Quickly complete all procedures to bring goods to the world as well as receive goods to import enterprises.

In the context of the demand for commodity exchange, export and import development in the direction of modernization specialization, companies focus on developing their field of expertise to produce quality products and services. The best amount to compete in today's open world. Import-export service is a co-partner with the business, which is the bridge to help businesses to access the world market easily, quickly and confidently.

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