What is customs clearance?

It is mandatory procedure for goods / means of transport to be exported / exited and imported / entered through the border / border of the country. Declaration of customs is the responsibility of the owner of the goods for his export or import of goods to the customs office, through which the state manages import and export activities and collects taxes in accordance with the state tax policy. . All kinds of goods and means crossing the national borders shall have to carry out customs procedures.

What customs procedures are. Illustration

To carry out customs procedures, the goods owner shall declare and provide the customs office with information and documents as prescribed.

For certain goods, the customs procedures will be completed only after concurrently carrying out the specialized inspection procedures such as: food safety inspection, animal and plant quarantine, Medical, industrial safety, veterinary ... in accordance with the laws of host countries.

In order to do that the company must have a department or full-time staff to perform this task - the declaration required to be strictly followed the order, the goods must be subject to the tax code (HS code) according to nail; To ensure the interests of enterprises to avoid the presence of goods temporarily seized, confiscated, retrospective tax collection, post-customs clearance inspection, thus affecting the business operation of the company.

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