Customs declaration

In order for the import and export procedures to be carried out quickly, the company needs to have good staffs in terms of professional procedures or have to choose professional, prestigious and professional service units. Maika Trading Invest Co., Ltd with experienced staffs. We provide professional customs clearance services, on behalf of enterprises to carry out procedures, services e-customs declaration, code HS code goods, tax price, ...

The scope of customs declaration services of Maika logistics include:

 - Type of export and import business

 - The type of import and export of private investment

 - Type of export and import of processed goods, export production

 - Type of export and import of goods temporarily imported for re-export

 - The type of export and import of non-tradable goods

 - Type of export and import of goods participating in fairs and exhibitions

Import-export services, customs declaration of raw materials, raw materials, containers with goods such as consumer goods, foodstuffs, agricultural products, electrical appliances, Specialized vehicles, automobiles, interior decoration items, fabrics, clothes, scrap ...

Maika logistics services specialized license:

 - Procedures for granting certificates of plant and animal quarantine, food hygiene and safety quarantine.

 - On behalf of goods owners, procedures for obtaining permits: product announcement, chemical declaration, import permit, certificate of origin, etc.

Maika Logistics provides consulting services related to import and export:

 - Advising customers on the appropriate type of declaration, consulting on commodity policy, applying commodity code (HS code), price, tax calculation, inspection, post clearance inspection.

 - Consult tax refund procedures, tax exemption, tax collection, and other related tax policies.

 - Consult procedures for importing machinery and equipment, tools to create fixed assets, procedures for applying for permits, list of duty-free goods, procedures for applying synchronous lines.

 - Advising enterprises producing goods in Vietnam to apply for certificates of origin (CO) to help importers enjoy preferential tax rates on forms A, B, D, E, S, AK, AJ, VJ, VC, AI, AANZ, ...

 - Consultancy on procedures for re-export and import of goods not in accordance with quality, types, specifications and contract breaches in both cases, which have been declared by customs and customs declaration has not yet been made.

 - Transportation and agent of container, luggage, domestic and international cargo

 - Multimodal transportation, loading and unloading, packing.

 - Providing useful information on the regulations of the countries, providing customs clearance services at the place of destination.

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