What to do when you lose your customs declaration?

The Customs has received questions from readers about the loss of customs declaration? As the reader's question does not specify how to take a specific declaration, the Consultant Team advises the following:

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For electronic customs declarations on the current VNACCS system, enterprises can enter the system and reprint the declaration.

In case of loss of customs declaration paper for liquidation, tax reimbursement ..., the enterprise shall notify the customs sub-department where the customs declaration is registered and clearly explaining the reason for the declaration loss. Take the loss of declaration, responsibility to look up lost declaration.

The customs unit in charge where the enterprise registers the declaration of loss is responsible for coordinating with the enterprise to search for lost declarations. In cases where the lost declaration form can not be retrieved, the customs office of the province or city where the enterprise is to be managed must provide specific information on the lost declaration form on the mass media nationwide. At the same time notify the local tax department of the specific information on the lost declaration is not valid for liquidation, tax refund ...  

Enterprises may go to customs offices where the customs declarations are kept for guidance on the duplication and administrative handling related to the loss of original declarations. In this case, enterprises declaring the declaration will sanction administrative violations according to regulations.

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