Procedure for licensing and importing animal products

Animal products (beef, pork, chicken, ...) products of animal origin (cheese, eggs, milk, sausages ...) are conditional import goods, so before importing Enterprises must apply for import permits at the Department of Animal Health.

1. Dossiers and procedures for dossiers of application for import permits include:

- Application form for import registration

- Business license of business - copy

- Health certificate template (shipper provided) - copy

- HACCP certification form (shipper provided) - copy

If the application is valid, the duration of the license is 05 working days

License for import of animal products.

2. Registration for state quality inspection:

When the goods arrive or before the goods arrive, the enterprise shall register the quality inspection of imported products for the goods lots at the regional veterinary offices, including:

- Application form for quality control (3 copies)

- Import license (copy + original for offsetting)

- Health certificate (shipper provided) - original

- HACCP certification (shipper supply) - copy

- Certificate of veterinary hygiene and veterinary goods warehouse (copy)

- Commercial contract (copy)

- Invoice (copy)

- Packing list (copy)

- Bill of lading (copy)

Quarantine certificate and food hygiene and safety

3. Registration of import declaration forms:

After registering the declarations (if gold) or after checking (if red), report to the agency in charge of quality inspection in order to take samples of goods and be issued with transport papers to the quarantine quarters. Quality test results.

At this time, the enterprises are allowed to bring them to the storehouses (but not yet allowed to use them) waiting for the results of the inspection of food quality, hygiene and safety. On the customs declaration confirming the goods temporarily cleared pending the results of quality inspection.

After the quality inspection agency and issuing the certificate, the enterprise shall submit to the customs office for clearance of customs declarations, which can be circulated for use.

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