Why customs declaration services need

In today's competitive business environment, companies are facing a lot of pressure from the market. Surviving and prospering businesses are those who know how to do business more effectively than competitors - to reduce costs while maintaining the quality of goods or services. In the industrialized, modernized and specialized economies of today, the division of labor in new production is more specialized - outsourcing the services through which the houses Providing services by their professional expertise will give you the professional solution, solve the job quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of outsourcing customs declaration services

  • Expertise: customs declaration service provider is a professional unit should have a system of training for employees. The services they provide are therefore highly professional, there are solutions to problems arising.

  • Performance: Customs clearance service providers can coordinate human resources, so with the rare manpower, they will use it thoroughly. As a result, they can charge a lower fee than self-employed customers.

  • Prevention: the obvious strength of customs declaration services. With a large force, service companies are not difficult to ensure customers are served continuously. They often have the mechanism to always have some employees replace each other for a customer. Many import-export service providers   carefully store a copy of the parameters or database of each customer, so that if there is physical risk (fire, natural disaster) Can restore the system.

  • Psychology: For customs declaration service providers, customs declaration personnel are the main workforce, so they can elevate employees to high positions, Direct the company. Therefore, employees are also more motivated to cultivate expertise and stick with suppliers.

  • Cost savings: The cost of customs declaration services is often lower than the cost of building a business structure. You will pay additional personal income tax for employees, not including health insurance premiums, social insurance.

  • Workplace Savings: The creation of a full-time organizational structure requires that you have sufficient office space, work equipment (furniture, facilities, computers, Fax machines, stationery, drinking water ...)

  • Ensure that the job is always up and running: The full-time employee of the company is entitled to vacation and sick leave, while you need to ensure that the workload is linked. Your customs clearance advisor has a back-up staff who ensures that the job is always up and running.

  • Time saving and quality assurance: using external import and export services save you a lot of time such as initial training, management, ... and quality assurance.

In addition to positive points, there are some disadvantages of outsourcing:

  • Security: is the problem many businesses most concerned about. They fear the outsourced service staff will disclose the company's information out, even to competitors.

  • Security: is the problem many businesses most concerned about. They fear the outsourced service staff will disclose the company's information out, even to competitors.

  • Quality: This is usually a matter of the initial stage or the transition from internal to outsourced service. In the early stages (may be extended all year long), outsourced service personnel are not clear about the system of the business, causing delays in solving problems or errors.

  • Costs: General statistics show that using outsourced services is more cost-effective than self-employment, but that does not mean that for outsourced services it will save money. Outdated outsourcing contracts can incur significant costs to the business (for example, when the service content is not covered by the contract).

In principle: goods owners know more about their goods; The customs clearance service provider is aware of the policy, customs procedures, customs documents and advice relating to customs clearance of goods. So it is best that the two parties cooperate to share information to ensure that the goods are processed quickly and conveniently.

Therefore, the selection of a professional customs declaration service   unit will help the company to perform well in the freight forwarding, contributing to the overall development of the business.

Wish you have the right choice.

Dong Cong Bang

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