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Maika is a dynamic, innovative company. We specialize in providing sea freight, air freight, road services and import-export services. By our prestige and strength we have been constantly developing and consolidating our reputation to become a reputable Forwarder at home and abroad. With a network of agents available in many parts of the world, together with a team of experienced professionals under the management of dedicated and wise management, we can be proud of the quality and The diversity of our service.

In order to meet the demand for transportation of goods in all parts of the country, in parallel with the customs clearance service, Maika Logistics provides inland transportation services by trucks, container tractors and specialized trailers. Maika is able to meet the needs of customers with transport needs, from small quantities of goods, with a responsible, skilled and well-trained team of drivers, working 24 hours a day. To large volume.


- Inland transportation service: transporting raw and containerized cargo by trucks, container trucks, trains, inland vessels, barges to customers throughout Vietnam.

- Project cargo transportation, super-weight cargo: provide full service for the project cargo and coordinated supervision of shipping your shipments safely from warehouse to site.

- Inland waterway transport: Providing weekly inland waterway transport services from HCM to Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang and vice versa to reduce road haulage costs. Edge of page and reasonable time.

- Combined multi-modal transportation services: bulk cargo, cross border container and transshipment services to China, Cambodia and Laos through Vietnamese ports and airports. Combining full package customs clearance services to ensure uninterrupted transportation for the shortest delivery time.

Especially transport goods to Phu Quoc best price today


Thanks to big investment, in recent years, Phu Quoc island (Kien Giang province) has developed strongly. The demand for construction and trade has led to huge demand for transportation of construction materials and goods from the mainland to the island. Maika has a fleet of ships from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc daily combine water transport, receiving at the warehouse and delivery to the site.


Transportation of construction machinery. Picture Cong bang


Transportation equipment supplies. Picture Cong Bang


When there is demand, please contact Maika logistics to be served in the shortest time, professional, with the best cost.

Maika logistics

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